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Looking for a job that can bring in good money for fewer hours? Believe it or not, if you know how to play an instrument, you can make out like a bandit teaching music – jazz in particular – to fledgling musicians.
That’s just one of a handful of part-time positions that provide healthy wages for those looking to make more while working less. Online part-time and flexible schedule job platform, FlexJobs.com, searched its database for great part-time positions on offer that pay more than $50 per hour and published a list of some of them – and what they pay – which we folded into a slideshow. Check it out below!
People who want, or need, to work fewer hours than required in a full-time schedule are usually on the hunt for positions that allow them to make more for the time they do work. Knowing which positions they are qualified for that allow them to do that is a big help, which is partially why FlexJobs released its list, based on an analysis of over 4,600 companies* and their part-time job listings in FlexJobs’ database between August 15 and August 29.
The positions all require less than 40 hours per week, are professional-level, requiring advanced experience and education; pay at least $50 per hour and were recently posted on FlexJobs’ database.
One job FlexJobs found on its platform that can be done part time but brings in decent money is that of dentist. If you have the qualifications and experience, as a dentist you can earn as much as $85 an hour. Consider several 8-hour days a week – or a work-week of four to five hours a day – and that’s pretty good money.
Working part-time doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tiny paycheck. Some part-time work brings in… [+] healthy hourly wages. (image credit: Shutterstock)
Working in the realm of technology and having skills to code and program opens a worker up to a lot of opportunity, as those skills are in high demand as companies in many industries seek to build out their systems or digital products. Software engineers, according to FlexJobs platform, can make between $60 and $73 per hour, and there are likely firms out there willing to pay much more for such work. In a similar skill set, software engineers who wish to work part time can make slightly more than that.
Clinical pharmacists – those attached to medical facilities – can also bring in healthy paychecks working part time. Working 32 hours per week, they can earn between $65 and $86 per hour. Take heed, this is not a simple job and there are prerequisites and experience is needed in order to land a good position.
As for the jazz teacher, according to FlexJobs listings, such a position can bring in between $51 and $78 per hour. For a musician, let’s face it, that’s a not a bad wad of take-home pay at the end of the week, provided you can book enough hours on the job.
*The company corrected this figure from its initial assertion that postings from more than 40,000 companies were used to compile the study.


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