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Finding Best UPI Apps to pay cashless? want cashback and amazing coupons? don’t worry, stay connected with us. we will ride you some top UPI apps that you can use to pay money, manage your finance, and get cashback and coupons. nowadays it is difficult to choose which app to use for UPI payment and which to choose. but font worry! we will try to cover here some safe and secure platforms where your money is totally safe and your data is completely encrypted. no one without you can open that app unless and until you share your pin or password key. let’s start!! Are you in hurry? To save your time, we have given a table of content below the image. you can check out that.

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface which is developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in 2016. it is a system that provides multiple banking facilities on a single application on the smartphone. You can transfer money to any other bank account which allows UPI payments with one click. Other many services like transaction history, checking account balance, managing your finance, EMIs, and Loans are provided by UPI Apps. UPI apps provide Unique UPI IDs to their users. Nowadays most people prefer UPI payments because its hands-free as well as easy to use. you just have to scan the recipient’s QR code or you can transfer money on UPI ID or bank-to-bank payment. In a covid pandemic, most people started knowing about UPI payments, where you don’t have to contact other persons physically while paying. Hence nowadays every other shop and service has availed the UPI payments. As of now, 304 banks have UPI payment systems in the world. now we will move on to some Best UPI Apps that you can choose as your primary paying app.

List of Best UPI Apps in India

  • PhonePe:
As of now, PhonePe is the no.1 app in the list of Best UPI App in India. PhonePe is introduced by Indian Burzin Engineer, Rahul Chari and Sameer Nigam in 2015. it has over 293 million registered users as well as 19 million stores, apps, and other platforms. it has easy to use interface and it is also considered as a top cashback app. Google Pay: We can say Google pay is the top-used app in the list of Best UPI Apps in 2022. earlier it is known as Tez. as it’s google’s service, you can consider this app as an enhanced interface and easy to learn. it also provides cashback and coupons. Although Google is a top brand, hence there services are highly secure and safe. Paytm: Paytm is the top-ranked UPI app in 2021 as it provides all facilities that a bank provides, like bank-to-bank transactions, EMIs, loans, passbooks, etc. one97 owns Paytm. its company was introduced in 2009 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. it is considered one of the Best UPI Apps. BHIM App: BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money which is introduced by NPCI in 2016. it is easy to use the app. it is a government application hence it is totally safe and secure. Amazon Pay; Amazon’s Amazon Pay is the most loved UPI among people. because it provides a lot of cashback and offers that you can use while shopping on the amazon shopping app.


  • Which UPI app is used most?
    • Google pays us the most UPI app.
  • Which bank UPI app is best?
    • MobiKwik bank’s UPI is considered as best UPI app.
  • Is UPI available in the USA?
    • NPCI is planning to extend the UPI market to the USA.


There are many other UPI apps also, but we prefer you choose from the list we have given. they are trusted, encrypted, and safe to use. the interface is also simple. and don’t share a pin or key with anyone. although nowadays people prefer fingerprints as a security key. it is a good option. hope we have cleared your queries. if you have any other doubts related to Best UPI Apps, make sure you drop them in the comment section. have a nice day!!

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