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In the 21st century, technology’s growth is increasing daily. nowadays it is impossible to live life without technology. Tech jobs are also in demand. branches like mechanical, electrical, software, hardware, telecommunication, etc are getting most of the employment. Computer Science, IT, Data science, electronics, and telecommunications are high in demand. competition is increasing day by day. hence it is important for you to choose the perfect field according to your future. today we will see the comparison between the two top fields which are computer science and information technology (IT). people get confused while choosing between these fields. are you also confused? don’t worry we will clear your confusion about Computer Science vs IT.

What is Computer Science?

The study of computers, computer components, working systems, hardware, software, algorithms, codes, data structures, and artificial intelligence is called Computer science(CS). Mathematics plays important role in the CS field. following are subfields of CS.

  • Algorithms and complexity,
  • Architecture and organization,
  • Computational science
  • Graphics and visual computing
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information management
  • Intelligent systems
  • Networking and communication
  • Operating systems
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Platform-based development
  • Programming languages





What is IT (Information Technology)?

The use of any computer, storage, networking, infrastructure, and processes to create, secure, process, secure, store, and exchange all forms of electronic data is called Infomation technology(IT). IT departments handle- oversee the security and governance of applications, services, and infrastructure, monitor, optimize and troubleshoot the performance of applications, services, and infrastructure. deploy and maintain business applications, services, and infrastructure (servers, networks, storage).

now we will move on comparison between Computer Science vs IT.

Computer Science vs IT

If we talk about IT, it deals with both hardware (RAM, ROM, Hard-disks) and software (OS, programs). whereas computer science deals with software like development, testing programs, software systems, mathematical models, algorithms, etc. although IT professionals make sure that computer programs, and software work well. where CS professionals developed that program and software, they work from behind like securing data, and encryptions.

If we talk about jobs and opportunities, both CS and IT have good jobs. It does not matter if you choose IT or CS. If your mathematics is strong both these filed are good options for you. but getting a good job is not easy. you should have knowledge and skills. If you want one choice, we will suggest you choose computer science. Computer science is a vast field. here you have many subfields. but in IT there is a lack of subfields. Every field has its pros and cons. But we can say CS is way ahead of IT in comparison of Computer Science vs IT.


  • Which is easier computer science or IT?

IT is easier than Computer science.

  • Which branch is best in the future?

Aerospace Engineering can be the best branch in the future.

  • Which job has the highest salary in the world?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) post has the highest salary in the world.



As we discussed Computer Science vs IT, you can observe that both fields are technically interconnected to each other. so it depends on you what you want to do. where is your interest? hope we have cleared your all doubts. if you have any queries or suggestions, make sure you inform us through the comment section. have a nice day!!

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