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want to earn money online? don’t know platforms? don’t worry !! here we will discuss some top and trusted Online Earning Apps where you can earn from your knowledge, dedication, and experience. although, if you want to earn money, you have to sacrifice something, your time, knowledge, etc things. these apps will help you to earn some money, legally. Online earning becomes the need of the hour. every person wants to earn money from home on a mobile. so, don’t miss a chance to earn money. let us start!!

Are you in a hurry? you can read the table of contents which we have given below the image. you can find there whatever your want.

Is online Earning legal?

Many people think online earning is illegal as it does not have any record in Central Government banks. but it’s not true. if you are using trusted platforms, platforms that are assured by governments, the money which is earned is legal. although, if you are using issued apps, or website which helps you in earning money online, that will be legal. so don’t worry!! There is no risk in Online Earning Apps. but if you are using unknown, unregistered platforms which does not give any kind of assurance, it will be illegal. so stay aware of this. because the central government can track every illegal activity. don’t know those trusted platforms? don’t worry! here we will provide you with those apps and famous websites where you can spend your time earning money.

List of Top Online Earning Apps

We have not given these apps in a sequence. you can use any of them.

  • Meesho: Meesho is an online shopping app where you can publish your product details and meesho circulates it worldwide. it is the best app for those who just have started their business.
  • Roz Dhan: This is one of the top Online Earning Apps where you can do several activities and earn money like playing games, answering surveys, predictions, etc.
  • MPL: MPL is the most emerging online earning app where you can play games and earn money. you compete with worldwide competitors and if you have skills you can definitely make a profit from it.
  • Dream 11: Dream 11 is a Fantasy App where you can create a fantasy team and participate in contests. if your team does good, you can earn money.
  • Google Opinion Rewards: Google has provided the best online learning app where you can earn by giving your opinion.

Upwork: This is a website where you can earn from typing. you just have to listen to the voice and type it properly.


  • Which real app makes money?
    • The apps we have given are 100% real for making money.
  • Which Indian app gives real money?
    • Tasbucks gives real money.
  • How can I earn online fast?
    • Develop a tech skills and you can definitely earn as a freelancer.


As we discussed some top Online Earning Apps, you can choose any of them as we said. before choosing an app, make 100% sure about dedication and skill. otherwise, you will face loss. in some apps you have to invest your money. so be careful and think before performing the task. hope we have cleared your all doubts. if you have any other queries or suggestions, make sure you drop them in the comment section. we will try to reply to them.

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