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Are you a stock investor? want to know some Paytm Stock Price? don’t worry!! here we will cover some top Paytm stocks and their price and will suggest to you the best stock to buy!1 Many people don’t know the updated prices of stocks and they get confused while buying stocks. hence you should be aware of the ups and downs of prices. this share, the market is known for its ups and downs. many sites also provide wrong information about these stocks, so be aware. if you want to know real prices, stay connected!!

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Are Paytm Stocks Good to Buy?

As Paytm is the one of largest banking apps in the world, Paytm has its own trading app for this type of program. Paytm Money is an ideal investing platform for first-time investors. Paytm Money is an online discount broker offering trading and investment services across Equity, Mutual Funds, NPS, Digital Gold, ETF, and Derivatives. It is a safe and secure app with bank-level data security. as of now, Paytm has not planned anything for expanding its network. hence their stocks are quite not worthy to buy. but if you eagerly want to know their prices, don’t worry!! we are providing you with that information. before buying a stock, try to research Paytm Stocks Price. now we will move on to the main topic which is price.

Paytm Stock Prices

As of now Paytm Stock price is around 637.95 INR . the lowest price was 635 and the highest was 645 INR. Paytm share is not listed on any stock exchange. due to a series of events, including the RBI, prohibiting new client onboarding, and its high valuation, Paytm Stock Price is Falling down. Paytm has to recover otherwise it will affect its marketplace. this price gets changes every day, every hour. so you have to be aware. some mistakes will cost you a loss.


  • What is the face value of Paytm shares?
    • 1rs per equity share is the face value of Paytm share.
  • Will Paytm shares rise?
    • experts are predicting that Paytm’s share will get rise at the end of 2022.
  • What is the target of Paytm?
    • 1100rs is the target price of Paytm.


As we discussed some Prices of Paytm Stock Price, you can conclude that these prices get change every time. so you have to check every time you buy Paytm stocks. Paytm money is the platform where you can buy Paytm shares. so be aware and invest right!! hope we have cleared your all doubts. if you have any other questions or suggestions, make sure you drop them in the comment section. we will try to reply to them. have a nice day!!

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