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Heyy there!! Want to Know about Blogging Freelance? want to know how you can earn from Blogging? no need to worry! here we will cover all topics related to Freelancing. There are some people who don’t about there is an option for earning money by blogging skills. you can do freelancing and make money if you have skills and knowledge. today we will give your some tips about blogging and how you can make money.

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How you can Make Money by Blogging?

Earlier Blogging was just a source of information for site visitors. giving information about the product or your site was the main aim of blogging. but Nowadays there are ways to earn money by blogging. Google is the main reason why blogging is became an option for freelancing and earning. google has provided its AdSense service to websites so you can earn by showing ads on your site. and your AdSense approval and earnings depend on your skill of blogging. Google AI checks your blogs and articles and if your content is helpful and if you are getting traffic, you can earn by google Adsense. There are some terms and conditions which you can read on google’s Adsense website. As of now, Blogging is considered one of the top freelancing jobs where you can make money with your skill. now we will move on to some steps of Blogging Freelance.

How to Blog and Earn?

  • Explore your skills and enhanced them. decide which type of content you will write.
  • Buy a Domain from a trusted site like GoDaddy as per your budget. we prefer you buy a higher degree site.
  • Buy a hosting server as per your range of budget and content.
  • Use Blogger or WordPress platform to start writing your blog
  • Follow Adsense guidelines as given in the terms and conditions on the google site.
  • Focus on the quality of the content.

So these are some steps and tips for Blogging Freelance.


  • How much does a blogger earn from a freelancer?

A blogger can earn 8,000-10,000 from a freelancer.

  • What type of bloggers makes the most money?

Finance Blogging makes the most money.

  • Which is better freelancing or blogging?

In Freelancing, you get paid in a particular interval of time. in blogging, you have to be consistent and work daily.


As we discussed How you can make money by blogging and its steps, you can conclude that their are ways of earning by blogging, but you have to consider all steps and conditions. your content should have good quality. google will pay you as per your skill. and as of now, There is hard competition for Blogging Freelance. so be careful and invest your time properly in it. hope we have cleared your all doubts. if you have any other queries or suggestions, make sure you drop them in the comment section. we will try to reply to them.

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