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Here are 40 best part time jobs from home online & offline with zero investment. These part time jobs can help you to make extra money by working only for a few hours a day. The list includes both online and offline part time jobs. If you have knowledge of IT and the internet you can go for online jobs else, you can opt for offline jobs.part time jobsOnline Part Time Jobs
As a social media assistant, you need to manage the social media channel of the company including Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You need to create social media campaigns and help the company to grow its social presence. You need creativity and IT skills to become social media assistant. You can earn Rs.15000 to 20000 per month by this profession.
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In this job, you need to review various videos. You need to submit your recommendation of sound quality, picture quality in the video. To opt for this job, you need to have deep knowledge about video making and sound quality.
The easiest way of making money from the internet is via clicking ads. In this part time job, you need to just view ads by clicking on links. You will be paid money based on the number of clicks. You can easily earn Rs.10000 to 20000 per month by spending daily 1 hour on these sites.
You can register on famous PTC websites ClixsenseNeoBux, and InboxDollar for this type of work.
The next part time job is related to the online survey. In this job, you can spend your free time in a relaxed manner. You need to give your opinion about products and services online and you will be paid with specified money. However, you should make sure that the site on which you are working is genuine.
As per me, part-time blogging is one of the best ways to generate long-term income. Blogging means creating your website and sharing your knowledge or opinion about a relevant topic. Once your blog gets popular and generates the traffic you can place advertisements or affiliate links and generate extra income.
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The next part-time job is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing means promoting other products on your website and helping them to increase sales. On selling every product, you will get a commission. Multiple websites provide affiliate marketing programs. You need to enroll in the program and place a banner or link on your website. You need not worry about product shipment, customer handling, etc.
Some popular affiliate marketing programs are FlipkartAmazon, Snapdeal, etc.
Providing Online tutorials is my next part time job. In this job, you need to teach the student online by using video chat over skype or other messenger applications. If you are a subject matter expert, you can also provide consultancy. Some famous websites that provide these types of facilities are wiziq and tutor web.
If you are good at the generation of content you can work as a content writer and earn a lot of money. A content writer is in good demand today. You can easily earn Rs.10000 to Rs.30000 per month by doing this job. You can find content writing jobs on websites like Fiverr, UpWork ,etc.
Data Entry is prototype job in which you need to engage yourself in doing a job of entering data or filling the form as per requirement. Your typing speed and efficiency are important while doing a data entry job. You will find multiple websites offering data entry jobs. However, you need to be careful and select a legitimate website for data entry jobs.
You may be surprised to note that you can get money for playing a game online. Many companies appoint game testers to test games. In addition to that, some websites offer a reward to play games.
Micro Jobs means small jobs like typing, editing, watching a video, sending email, sorting out or renaming files, etc. The cost of each task is fixed. You will be paid for the completion of every task. You can work daily 2-3 hours part time and make a decent income. You can use the Amazon Mturk website to get these types of jobs.
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Captcha is a random text image used to prevent spam. No software or auto software can solve Captcha. It requires human intervention to solve and make captcha. If you have time you can become a Captcha solver or Captcha text maker. If your speed is good you can easily make around Rs.10000 by working part-time 1-2 hours a day.
If you are a subject matter expert in some field you can extend your expertise by becoming an online consultant. You can use Skype of Facebook to share your knowledge and expertise. You can charge money for providing advice.
If you are an online consultant. Here is very good software for consultants.
Youtube is a popular website for video streaming. Youtube provides a channel partner program for advertisement. You can create a youtube channel and upload your video. When someone goes through your video, they will see the ads and you will get paid for every advertisement view.
The next part-time job is as a virtual assistant. This job requires a basic knowledge of computer word, excel, and PowerPoint. You can expect office-related work like typing content, writing an email, making presentations, etc.
If you know any other language along with English, you can become a translator. It is one of the best part-time jobs. In this job, you need to translate content from one language to another languages. You can earn reasonably high by working as a translator part-time.
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The next part-time job is online copy paste. In this job, you need to copy a large chunk of text and paste it into another file as per requirement. One can earn a good part-time income from copy paste job. However, finding a genuine online copy-paste job is a difficult task.
Domain filliping or buying and selling domain is the next job cum business idea. This idea requires an investment of a small amount. In this job, you need to purchase a domain at a low price and sell it at a high price. Multiple websites provide domain auction facilities online.
If you don’t have a computer you can use your smartphone to work part-time. Multiple mobile apps can be used to make money. The task offered by the app is completing a survey, watching a video, and doing a small task.
It is very simple to become an online part-time reseller. In this job, you need to sell a product online on e-commerce sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. You can also take dealerships of some products and sell them online on these sites.
A work of a medical transcriptionist is converting a voice recorded report into text format. Submit the health record of the patient to the doctor. To work as a medical transcriptionist, you need a command of the English language and knowledge of medical terminology. The job of a medical transcriptionist can be done full-time or part-time.
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My first offline part time job is a freelance software developer. You need to know programming to do this. Multiple websites offer freelancing software development projects. You can complete these projects and earn desired money.
The second offline part time job is freelance photography. To do this job, you need to have a skill and sound knowledge about photography. You can sell your photos online or set up your website for promotion.
As a content editor, you need to verify and correct the content provided to you. As a content editor, you need to be an expert on grammar, spelling, and content editing. The earning of a content editor varies based on the amount of content/page.
A sign language interpreter is one of the most difficult part-time jobs. To do this job first, you need to take appropriate training to understand sign language. A sign language interpreter is responsible for helping a deaf or hearing-impaired individual to understand what is being spoken. The need for this type of professional is very limited.
One of the best part-time jobs is an office job. You can check popular job portals like Naukri, Indeed for a part-time office job. You need to check office hours and traveling time else this part-time job will become a full-time job with a part-time salary.
The most suitable job for women and man in part time is home tuition. You should be expert in teaching in order to enter into this profession. You can either give tuition at your home or even become a home tutor by giving tuition to the student at their own home.
If you are knowing a foreign language you can start your own language class part-time. Today many people are interested in learning foreign languages. So, the potential of getting success in this type of venture is very high. You can start a language class part-time and convert it into a full-time profession.
If you have a good grip on English you can think of starting your IELTS class. This business has very good potential, as It is mandatory for students and professionals to pass IELTS with specific bands for getting a visa abroad. You can start the class part-time and later stage convert it is a full-time business.
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This is one of the best part-time job where you don’t have a binding of working hours. The scope of earning in this business is unlimited and it depends upon your skill and product of the company. You need to convince people to join your team and work with you. You need to make sure that you are associated with a genuine network marketing company.
An Insurance Agent is another part time job or business opportunity. In this job, you need to convince people to take an insurance policy. You will be paid a commission on every policy sale. You can become an insurance agent with companies like LIC, ICICI, HDFC life etc.
Candle-making is the next part-time job. To start this work, you need to take basic training in candle making. You require different molds and equipment for making a candle. By working part-time on this idea you can generate a regular stream of income.
Home-based food making is one of my favorite part time job idea. You need to be a good cook to start this work. Initially, you may face problems in terms of finding clients. However, if your food quality is good you can surely get success in the long run.
If you like children you can start a child daycare to take care of children for a few hours after their school. However, you need to make a small investment or require a suitable place to start child daycare.
If you know the music you can become a part-time music instructor. You can start this work from home or you can apply to a music school where they need a music teacher.
You can utilize your creativity in art and craft by becoming professional art and craft instructor. It is the best suitable job for women. You can design customize the module for art & craft and charge accordingly.
To reduce stress and to stay fit people prefer Yoga and exercise every day. It could be a good opportunity for you to become a Yoga or Fitness Teacher. You can earn a good income by becoming a yoga or fitness teacher.
If you are interested in doing something uniquely you can think of becoming a pet groomer. You need to do a pet grooming course to become a pet groomer. However, it is an offbeat career in India.
The next part-time Job or business is a real estate agent. The job of a real estate agent is to strike the deal between buyer and seller about real estate property. A deal could be for rent or purchase. A real estate agent gets a commission for every deal. The earning potential in this work is very high.
If you know repairing of mobile you can start part-time work for mobile device repairing. You can earn a lot of money part-time by doing mobile repairing.
I hope the exhaustive list of part-time jobs will help you in selecting the right part-time job for you. Millions of people are already making extra money from one or more part-time job options mentioned above, so what are you waiting for start your part-time job now.
Which part-time job you will adopt from above and why? Do let us know by sending e-mail.
Make sure to share this ideas with your friends and family members. Help them in earning money in the part-time.
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