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90 Day Fiancé star Miona shares unknown details about how she and Jibri make money after a fan questions her about owning a house and expensive car.
Miona Bell revealed how she and Jibri Bell suddenly have money after being broke in 90 Day Fiancé season 9. The 23-year-old, who is a Serbian native, moved to America on 90 Day Fiancé to get married to Jibri in South Dakota. Miona had dreams of staying in Los Angeles and being on a beach, but she had to stay with Jibri’s parents in their home instead. Jibri didn’t have money for rent and his band, Black Serbs, was on a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jibri was confident about the couple’s finances in the future because he says he's a hustler.
But Jibri’s mother, Mahala, wasn’t sure how long it would take Jibri to make money to be able to afford the kind of Beverly Hills life that Miona wanted. Jibri and Miona didn’t have a lavish wedding but instead got married in an Airbnb in Joshua Tree with no guests. Interestingly, as soon as 90 Day Fiancé ended, Jibri and Miona seemed to hit the jackpot as they’re living a lavish lifestyle in Palm Springs according to Instagram. Miona recently showed off her expensive new purchase–a Porsche–on Instagram. Reality TV star Miona claimed that she came to the U.S. less than a year ago, managed to start a business and get the life that she always dreamed of. She also added that she didn’t have rich parents or handouts and built everything from scratch.
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After seeing Miona’s photo of her car, a 90 Day Fiancé fan reached out to her and asked, “How could ya’ll not afford rent in S. Dakota a year ago but now own a house and Porsche?” Miona replied, “We could always afford rent.” She added that Jibri didn’t live with his parents since he was 17 years old, so when Miona came to South Dakota it was also his first time there in three years. “He lived for years in Chicago,” said Miona, who now claims that 90 Day Fiancé cast member Jibri had his “own business” in America for two years while she herself had a “successful business” in Serbia. According to Miona, she and Jibri were in South Dakota for three to four weeks, and she hasn't “been back there for almost a year now.
In a different Instagram Story, Miona explained that Jibri already had his secret “business” when she arrived in the U.S., and they are continuing to develop it together. Miona's business is their second business where she sells her signature ponytails and makeup brushes. It seems Miona and Jibri have “just started” a third business. Back home, Miona had a makeup salon for six years. 90 Day Fiancé star Miona saying that they were just visiting Jibri’s parents now suggests that their 90 Day Fiancé storyline was possibly fake, according to fans, who already believed that the couple was faking it on 90 Day Fiancé since they found evidence of Jibri and Miona being married even before June 2020.
Since launching Miona Beauty, the couple hasn’t been able to stop bragging about how much they’ve earned by selling the wigs. Miona’s business was apparently sold out within 10 days of its launch after they supposedly made $20,000 in a week. Moreover, Jibri was caught telling a 90 Day Fiancé fan that he and Miona made $87,000 in July and August. Fans are now confused about whether Miona and Jibri always had money because they’ve done gigs, like trying to sell their clothes from the show or her wedding dress from the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 finale, to earn some quick cash as well.
Source: Miona Bell/Instagram
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