Gift guide to the best experience days to enjoy in autumn –

Shorter days means making the most of time together and a UK gift company has come up with plenty of ideas for the best experience day gifts to enjoy in autumn
Shorter days means making the most of time together and a UK gift company has come up with plenty of ideas for the best experience day gifts to enjoy in autumn.

The latest gift guide from WonderDays includes some of the top family and couples experience days now summer is over.

While spring and summer are the reasons most often associated with days out and activities, there’s plenty of fun to be had with autumn gift experience days.

Classic experience day gifts such as afternoon tea, animal encounters, overnight hotel stays and spa days all feature in the guide, along with more unusual experience days.

Ideas for different things to do this autumn include a blacksmiths workshop, scary London bridge fun for those not easily frightened and a urban beekeeping experience gift.

“Once the darker nights start to draw in, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the sofa and browse for inspiration on fun things to do this autumn,” said Abi Sadler, partnerships manager for WonderDays.

“October is also the time when traditionally lots of people start looking for Christmas present ideas and our gift guides are a great place to start.”

Read the full Best Experience Gifts For Autumn gift guide on the WonderDays website.

WonderDays is a UK experience day company launched in 2022 to offer a more flexible and simple buying experience than any other business for those looking for the perfect gift of things to do.

Offering quick and simple online exchanges should customers change their mind after purchase, it’s the only company to also offer fully customisable experiences to for any number of people.

For more information, visit the WonderDays website.

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