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Dear Editor:
Congratulations to USA Today on your 40th Anniversary. Over past decades, several hundred daily newspapers have ceased publication. In many cities, USA Today has stepped up to fill the vacuum.
How fortunate that we live in one of the few remaining free societies, with a wealth of information sources available. Most American cities and suburbs are down to one daily paper. Newspapers and magazines have to deal with increasing costs for newsprint, delivery and distribution along with reduced advertising revenues and declining readership due to competition from the Internet and other new information sources.
Many newspapers can no longer afford assigning reporters to cover news from our nations capital and abroad. They rely on wire services stories. USA Today is one of the few remaining newspapers to provide more in depth coverage of national and international events.
In the marketplace of ideas, let us hope there continues to be room for everyone including USA Today. You are America’s Newspaper.
Larry Penner

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