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There are an array of online opportunities that allow remote workers to earn six figure salaries without having to leave their home. With advanced modern technology and ever-developing platforms to perform tasks remotely it has never been easier, or more profitable, to make a start in the remote working world which is why compiled a list of the nine most profitable jobs to start in 2022.

When it comes to freelance job opportunities the income possibilities are limitless, and it can often be paired with part-time or full-time work for an added bonus to one’s monthly paycheque. 
Freelance writers specifically tend to write guest posts for online or offline publications, websites, blogs or advertising material for companies. 
This particular role doesn’t require any specific training, qualifications or experience aside from a good grasp of English and great writing skills.
A virtual assistant works to help someone with their administrative business tasks like a personal assistant except it is all done remotely. 
Being detail-orientated and having good communication skills are vital in this industry as many virtual assistants will never meet their clients face to face.
The reward? People in this role could earn a salary of nearly £50,000.

Woman working from home

Transcribers listen to audio or video files and type up what is said in a very specific format depending on the style requirements of the company they are transcribing for.
Like freelancing, this job offers as little or as much work as one would like, and being able to transcribe in more than one language can increase one’s earning potential. 
Due to the variables when it comes to audio and video files, transcribers are usually paid up to £1 per audio minute, meaning transcribing a 30 minute audio file is worth a quick and easy £30. 
Being a survey taker is generally not one’s full-time profession, but adding it onto some part-time or other full-time occupations can see some profitable side hustle income. 
Survey websites such as Survey Spotter and apps like Curious Cat only require a few minutes of one’s time to complete a survey on a variety of topics.

Giving precious insight to businesses on their customer demographic sees survey takers being paid up to £10 per survey and don’t usually require any qualifications, training  or experience. 
For those with experience or knowledge of software and hardware products, acting as virtual tech support can be incredibly lucrative so long as their communication and problem solving skills are up to par. 
Virtual tech support assistants do require good technological hardware such as strong broadband and a decent home computer or laptop. 
With the recent boom in online shopping and selling, online customer service roles have equally grown in popularity. Woman working from home

Majority of this role entails phone calls providing advice and guidance on behalf of the company or one’s clients if they decide to freelance in this position. 
This role does require some time flexibility in order for the company to ensure that they are offering their clients and customers the best possible service. 
Simple domestic tasks are often left until the very last minute by people who don’t enjoy them or simply don’t have enough time to do them. 
Starting an at-home ironing business, or a similar domestic business, can see customers bringing and collecting their items directly from one’s doorstep.

Ironing can earn one up to £12 per hour and as a start-up business they can decide just how many clients and work they want to take on at any given time. 
Many native English speakers don’t realise how profitable their mother tongue can be, and becoming a virtual English as a Second Language teacher is one of the best ways to grab this opportunity. 
Teachers will usually have to be degree educated as well as being certified with training qualifications such as TEFL to ensure they know how best to teach a second language. 
If one finds themselves especially gifted at finding and planning the best holidays, especially on a budget, this can easily be turned into a lucrative income by becoming a remote travel agent. 
Usually working for a host agency, travel agents need to have good communication skills and be incredibly reliable, experience in the tourism sector is also advantageous.
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