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It is always important to explore your options if you are looking to send money abroad from Africa, be it to friends, relatives or even to facilitate your movement abroad for work or relaxation purposes.
Although sending money abroad is not always that straightforward, there are a number of ways to do this and we explore a number of options below, whilst taking into consideration the transfer fees and convenience.
For Sending Every Day Amounts
If you are looking to send $100 or $300 here and there, your best option is to look at the more well-known money transfer companies including the likes of Monito, WorldRemit, OFX and CurrencyFair.
With these money transfer professionals, their system is set up for you to send money to relatives or loved ones abroad, whilst being able to log in and make repeat payments regularly.
Overall, it is noted that you are probably not sending the full amount to your recipient, since some of this will be eaten up by fees, or there will just be fees added on top, so you should factor in this cost.
Can I Send Money in Person?
“It is not advisable to send money in a letter or a cheque through the mail, since this could get intercepted or lost – and this would not be ideal,” explains Dan Kettle of money site, Pheabs.
“One of the best options in this scenario would be to probably use something like Western Union which has thousands of outlets on the high street, usually in post offices.”
“You can transfer the money at a location or using their website and then the recipient can go and pick it at a location near them. This is very effective for sending money abroad and making sure that it gets into the right hands. There are fees on top, usually of around 5% of the amount you are sending, so it is important to factor this in.”
Can I Use Paypal To Send Money Abroad?
Yes, you can send money to people from Africa to the USA using Paypal and this is a very common thing to do, assuming both parties have a Paypal account.
There are usually fees of around 3% of the total amount and this is deducted from the amount that you send. This is one of the most common ways to send money back and forth and is very secured too.
How Do You Send Large Amounts?
“If you are looking to send larger amounts of £10,000 or £1 million, you might look at using an FX broker,” explains Ben Sweiry of fintech company, Dime Alley.
“With such large amounts, you probably want to be sure that it gets to the intended recipient and using an FX broker can help you ensure a smooth transaction and help you save on various rates and currency fees.”
“Using a FX broker is common when transferring money for business purposes or because you are moving to another country and want to have your assets in that country.”
What Are The Rates Charged To Send Money from Africa to the USA?
Some important things to consider is that you will usually need to set up an account and allow a few days for authorisation and confirmation. In terms of fees, these will vary, including a flat rate (something like $3), the exchange rate (which will vary) and then a percentage of the total transfer amount such as 0.25% to 0.6%, based on an example from CurrencyFair. (Source: TechRound)
The rates will vary between parties, with some not charging any exchange rate fees, but they perhaps charge higher transaction fees. So you can compare rates, but also look at the eligibility criteria, ease of set up and time to send funds as other important factors.
How Long Does it Take To Send Money from Africa to USA
To send money from places like Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa to the USA will usually take around 1 to 6 days, depending on factors such as the amount, whether it is a business day and the type of money transfer company that you use.
Since it can take almost up to a week, it is important to plan well ahead of time so that the money can get to the recipient as quickly as possible. If it is a special wedding, birthday or an emergency, you may want to start sending the money around 10 days before to set up an account and transfer the funds accordingly.

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