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EVERYONE dreams of what they would do if they stumbled into a life-changing fortune.
After speaking with lottery expert Rich Wheeler, I took my newfound wisdom and $10 to test my luck for the first time – turns out the best strategy depends on where you play.
Wheeler, the president of Lottery Now, previously told me that you don't have to only play games with ridiculous odds.
"Someone always wins Mega Millions of Powerball eventually, but your odds are greater of being struck by lightning than winning those," Wheeler exclusively told The U.S. Sun.
The chance of taking home a win with Mega Millions for example is about one in 300million.
It's pretty miserable, but with jackpots like a recent $1.34billion prize that still remains unclaimed, the popular game will always be supreme.
That said, Wheeler advised me to also look at games on the state level before I throw ten whole dollars down the gutter.
"Now, the jackpot's not going to be as big, but they do tend to have better odds than these big hundreds of millions of dollars games," the expert said.
We found a game in New York called Take 5 that has pretty much the same rules as the big national games but with odds of one in 575,757, according to Lottery.net.
The expert told me I should buy three Take 5 tickets and spend the rest of my money on Mega Millions or Powerball, but I had no idea where to start with picking my numbers.
Unfortunately, Wheeler admitted: "There is no methodology or rhyme or reason" when it comes to choosing which numbers to write in.
I mean, the mystery and frustration of the lottery is that it's completely random.
He did have one caveat that involved picking a series of lower digits like a birthday or anniversary.
"Lots of people tend to select those lower numbers like dates," Wheeler said.
This means if your special day is the same series of numbers as someone else's anniversary with their third wife, you could end up sharing the jackpot.
With all the advice I could get, I finally got up and marched to the nearest convenience store with ten bucks.
Instead of anguishing over five perfect sets of numbers, I decided to make my life easier and just go random with the quick pick option.
Well, that and the fact that the guy at my corner store seemed like he really wasn't interested in me standing there tapping my chin for 15 minutes.
I spent $10 on three lines for the New York Take 5 game and two lines for Mega Millions.
With my tickets in tow, all that was left to do was wait and check the results online in the coming days.
Tragically, my expert advice and confidence weren't enough to secure me a life-changing fortune.
I compared my tickets to the numbers on my computer screen, and then promptly set my alarm for work the next morning.
Even though I couldn't buy my dream home or send my kids to college, the experience was pretty fun, and I might play again when I'm feeling lucky.
This comes as a lottery winner who thought he won $600 was amazed when he ended up landing $1million.
And a math professor has even revealed a method to ensure that you'll be the only lottery winner.
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