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MILLIONS of Americans have turned to side hustles as a way of making extra cash amid the cost of living crisis.
Entrepreneurial couples have quit their jobs to pursue their side hustle full time while others have raked in thousands of dollars by renting out features such as their backyard pool.
And, homeowners have offered their yards to dog owners who may be worried about the safety of their pets in busy city parks.
Lauren and Chris Krieger bought their first cabin in Vermont for $25,000 in 2017 – years before they decided to change careers and launch a growing property business.
They decided to purchase the home at a time when Airbnb didn’t really exist in the state.
They rented the reclusive home on Airbnb as a way of covering their mortgage, Insider reported.
In 2018, they brought in $62,000 in revenue and last year earned more than $100,000.
Chris and Lauren then decided to leave their finance and marketing careers so they could pursue the side hustle full-time.
Lauren told Insider: “One of our original goals was to employ ourselvesreal estateeally sick of corporate.”
But she warned that the real-estate market has become more competitive and new challenges have arisen because of the pandemic.
Lauren said: “The real estate market is brutal. A lot of people want to do what we’ve done.”
Jim Battan, from Oregon, built his backyard pool in 2012 and uses the online platform Swimply to rent it out to swimmers.
He told CNBC that he’s earned a whopping $177,000 in less than two years.
It costs $63 per hour for up to five people to rent out the pool during the week, and up to $79 at the weekend, according to his Swimply page.
There's an extra fee of $10 an hour per guest after five people.
Battan takes his money earner very seriously as there are costs attached.
He has spent more than $110,000 building it and over $35,000 on maintenance over the past decade.
Battan and his wife Lisa spend around 12-14 hours per week cleaning the pool, managing the bookings, and testing the chemicals in the water.
He warned that those thinking about pursuing a similar side hustle should take the time to learn about pool chemistry and management.
Restaurant owner Lisa Schroeder also uses Swimply and started renting out her pool after her eatery was forced to close during the Covid pandemic.
She told ABC27 that her husband Rob was reluctant about renting out the pool to strangers.
But, he admitted: “In six months, the pool made more money than I made in a year in my previous job.”
Homeowner Robyn Heller, from California, has revealed she earns up to $300 a month by renting her yard out to dog owners.
She uses the app SniffSpot – a tool that owners can use if they’re concerned about the safety of their pets in a public park.
Heller first became aware of the website around three years ago when a pal brought their dog to her home in Oakland, according to SFGate.
She rents her yard out around 10 times a week and charges $10 per dog per hour, making up to $300 a month.
Dogs can roam free in her yard while their owners sit by and relax on chairs that have been provided to them.
Hosts can rent out storage space using sites such as StoreAtMyHouse.
The platform has been dubbed the Airbnb of self-storage.
Storage units can cost between $150 and $500 a month and renters can save around 50 per cent using the platform.
Homeowners can reportedly earn between $300 and $3,000 a year depending on the size of the storage area and location, according to WTOP.
Motorists may feel uncomfortable parking on the street and may want to look for a garage space.
Renting out your garage could be particularly attractive whenever there’s a big sporting event and parking close to stadiums are pricey.
If you’re thinking about renting garage space, apps such as Neighbor may be your first port of call.
Neighbor also offers storage options including closets and backyards.
You are in control as you decide when you want renters to use the space.
And, payments are automatically deposited into your bank account each month.
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