We’re fashion experts – there are only four things you need to start making $1000s a month in a side hus… – The US Sun

FASHION experts have shared the four things you need to start making thousands of dollars a month.
Starting an embroidery side hustle on Etsy is a very easy and effective way to begin your custom apparel journey.
Custom apparel industry leaders at Ricoma exclusively told The U.S. Sun that being successful on online seller Etsy requires strategy and dedication so you can attract high-quality customers and keep them coming back. 
All you need to start earning cash on Etsy is a computer, a camera, a photo editing software or app, and a few social media accounts to help spread the word.
The first and most important tip for anyone looking to sell their apparel on Etsy is to start by doing your research.
Experts recommend taking the time to research and evaluate what items are generating the most profit on Etsy.
Additionally, it's important to determine if there is any kind of garment or market that is being underrepresented that you can turn into your niche.
Presentation is also a crucial part of making sales on a platform like Etsy.
You should be cognizant of the background that you use – don’t just take a picture of a garment on your bed or in front of your closet.
Also, good lighting and photo composition are a must.
Finally, if possible you should use a professional camera and photo editing software to make sure your pictures look their best.
The experts added: "Beyond the aesthetics, spend time crafting descriptions and tags that will catch the attention of prospective customers."
Sellers must also maintain a good rapport with their customers. This is the most important factor to determining whether a business will succeed or fail is customer satisfaction, according to the Ricoma experts.
"Engaging in regular communication and offering customer loyalty incentives will go a long way towards achieving that goal," they told The U.S. Sun.
While selling on Etsy has the potential to eventually become someone's main source of income, this will take some time.
"Eventually, as you hone your skills, sell more garments, grow your social media following, and get more positive reviews from past customers, you’ll slowly but surely build a larger community of regular customers and brand advocates," said the experts at Ricoma.
"The key is to consistently deliver quality merchandise that gives value to your customers."
As for which products are the most popular on Etsy, the experts said "popularity will really depend on the audience and customers that you’re most interested in connecting with."
"For example, Monograms are extremely popular – particularly in the southeast. So items like monogrammed shirts, purses, and belts are going to be very popular," they shared.
"However, if you’re targeting customers in the north, you’ll embroidered beanies and Carhartt jackets will be in much higher demand."
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